Do YOU Still Have a Lot to Learn?

Everyone has an opinion on something don’t they?  We are walking opinions and judgements and most often our conflicts are a result of our opinion not quite matching that of others.  So why is is so important for us to be right?  Why do we put our relationships at risk – just to have our opinion validated by others?
The answer is, it isn’t us, we aren’t actually all that contrary. It’s that identity of ours. The identity being that voice in our head, which really isn’t us. You and your identity are separate and learning to identify the difference and separating yourself from that voice in your head is actually one of the biggest steps you can take towards happiness and success. There are many ways that you can train yourself to move beyond your internal dialogue and live present out in the world.
Personal development programs like The Landmark Forum signature program of Landmark Worldwide, self-improvement books like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen. R. Covey, are just some of the options we have available to us to  create a paradigm shift in how we relate to ourselves.
It takes a big and courageous person to admit that they still have a lot to learn about being a better person.  What do you see are the steps that you are willing to take to have the life that you want for yourself and the people you love?  After all – you can’t take the material things with you when you die – everything gets left behind – what kind of legacy will you leave?

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